Shop Within a Shop: macopy-san

Hello there, this is D.


This is the 4th entry about the Rental Boxes in the shop.


In short, they're shops within our shop. And these 27cm x 24cm x 42cm boxes contain nothing but the tenants' creativity and predilection.




Box 5: macopy-san

He started designing his own keyboards after building some of the existing kits and getting into the hobby.


The Pulsar, a keyboard he designed, can be purchased from his Rental Box.







This is a left-hand only keyboard for illustrators, designers or media editors that use a stylus with their right hand, and use readily available shortcuts with their left hand.

I don't like having a large keyboard taking up space when I'm on my tablet and stylus, so this is perfect.

And this keyboard does not require soldering!



On the box: "Kit does not require soldering"


This kit also requires 11 switches and 11 keycaps, both of which can be purchased from the shop. We have a switch tester available for you to try what feels best.


The kit is 5,000 yen, and the switches and keycaps start at 1,100 yen.

Please come check it out at the shop!


Yushakobo, a DIY keyboard shop