Virtual Yushakobo is now open

Hello! Nine here.


We have decided to open a "Virtual Yushakobo" on cluster, a virtual social network.


It was something we were working on during the self-imposed COVID lockdown, and we decided to make it public now that it's July and we've resumed business.


Right now there are no special events, and we're not planning to have anyone stationed there for now, but feel free to browse!


I created the shop, and my staff created the merchandise and avatars.


Maybe they will write about it one of these days.


While we were creating the shop, cluster also had an update and added triggers and other gimmicks, so we decided to incorporate them as well.


The 1st floor is the shop. We think that even those who have not been here would be able to tell it's us.

There's a workshop in the back.



The second floor has panels about the keyboards we carry. These are taken and edited from the DIY Keyboard Catalog 2020.




The catalog also contains many other DIY keyboards, which hopefully will make you smile. 


Currently on sale at Yushakobo

You can read a sample at the shop, just let us know!


We might use the 2nd floor to hold events, like the meishi exhibition we had before.


Anyway, please come take a look!
It's our first time creating a virtual world, so some parts might be a little strange. Don't say we didn't warn you!


And you might just bump into one of us!


Yushakobo, a DIY keyboard shop