Frog and Froggy

Hello, this is D.

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc out there. I hope you're staying safe.


Yushakobo is currently online-only, and we're doing our best to make sure the purchase experience is as smooth as possible, as well as adding more items and trying out other things (that may or may not work out).


One of the things we've added is the Froggy One-Handed Keyboard. Previously only the keycaps were available, but now there is a kit.




The Froggy Kit


We have received a lot of requests for a one-handed keyboard, and now with Froggy keycaps included, it has become much easier to get a full one-handed kit.

Having legends on the keyboards is a must!

And the keyboard assembly service (with a fee) trial period has been extended, so there is no need to worry if you don't think soldering is for you.


Now, if I may...

Please look at the keycap in the bottom right corner.

There's a black frog, in the middle of a jump.

Can you see the frog?




Yes! It's a frog!


As many of you already know, the Froggy keycap was designed by Nine-san, the owner of Yushakobo.

However, I was asked by Nine-san to draw the jumping black frog.


This actually took TWO HOURS.

But it's only a frog! Isn't that a bit long?

It should take no more than 3 minutes.

What did you do with the other 1 hour and 57 minutes?


Well, I only had about 5mm of space to work with.

I carefully considered the angle and the pose, and looked at photos of different frogs before making several sketches that didn't work out.

But in the end I did come up with something that I thought was very nice.


Anyway, this entry was meant to say that at Yushakobo, we pay great attention to detail.


You may purchase the Froggy Kit here:


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