Quick7, a Lightweight Macro Pad

Does anyone remember the BDN9 kit that Yushakobo sold when it first opened an year ago? It was a simple 9-key macro pad that was very easy to build, so it was recommended for beginners.


Today we will blog about Quick7, a beginner's macro pad kit based on the BDN9!




8 switches and 1 rotary encoder


It's called the Quick7 because it can be built quickly, and out of the 9 keys, 2 can be replaced with rotary encoder, leaving it with 7 keys. (But more than 7 keys are needed if using only 1 or no rotary encoders, of course.)


BDN9 didn't come with LEDs, but Quick7 will include addressable full-color LEDs (YS-SK6812MINI-E)!


It is also designed to work with Elite C or other Pro Micros that have USB Type-C connectors.


The notch accommodates Pro Micros with USB Type-C connectors


The bottom plate is acrylic, so the underglow can be seen. A middle plate is also included to keep dust away from the macro pad. It will be a handy device for either hand even on a messy desk.


Quick7 now on sele!


Yushakobo, a DIY keyboard shop