Shop Within a Shop: Tenko Kobo-san

Hello there, this is D.


This is the 6th entry about the Rental Boxes in the shop.


In short, they're shops within our shop. And these 27cm x 24cm x 42cm boxes contain nothing but the tenants' creativity and predilection.




Box 10: TenkoKobo-san

He is someone who is passionate about every aspect DIY keyboards.


In his box, one will find keycaps or things related to keycaps.



Each set of the dog-themed transfer keycap stickers has the alpha and symbols.

Each keycap has a dog and a letter, and they're all different! The attention to detail is amazing.




I can only recognize the Shiba and the German Shepherd...

 One can also buy individual keycaps with the stickers applied already, and put it on an existing keyboard.


There are also colorful keys for changing layers on a keyboard.


And a kit for turning the Big Switch into a smart device. I bet the original maker didn't think people would actually use it. (This kit requires additional parts.)




A smart Big Switch!




Next to a normal switch


The prices are:

Dog-themed transfer stickers: 3,000 yen

Individual keycaps with stickers/text applied: 200 yen each

Big Switch Smart Device Kit: 4,000 yen


Please come take a look!

Additionally, if you want to sell something through our rental boxes, please let us know.


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