Keyboard Assembly Service (in beta)

Hello there, D again.


It's mid-March (note: when the Japanese entry was written) and we're beta testing our keyboard assembly service. Have you checked out what's included?



In short, this is a service where if you apply for an assembly request at the time of purchasing a keyboard kit from our online shop, you will receive an assmebled keyboard.


The total cost will be kit + switches + 5,000 yen assembly fee.


Your keyboard will be assembled with care by the staff at Yushakobo.





Attacing diodes

Are you working from home because of COVID-19?

Are you trying to go out less, and therefore unable to go to the shop to buy a kit and build it there?

Or, are you interested in DIY keyboards but not sure where to start, because you have never soldered anything?


Then this service is for you!


And if you're working from home, then it won't matter if your keyboard has clicky switches!


Please see our Services page for more information (Japanese only)


For kits, please see our online shop


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