Shop Within a Shop: Shinjuku Catwalk-san

Hello there, this is D.


This is the second entry about the Rental Boxes in the shop.


In short, they're shops within our shop. And these 27cm x 24cm x 42cm boxes contain nothing but the tenants' creativity and predilection.



 Box 7: Shinjuku Catwalk-san


"I was looking for cool cases for his digital gadgets, and in the end I started making things to go with them," said on his website. He is also very pick about materials, and ended up with Japanese "nume leather", which is leather that "has not been subject to dyeing or coating, but only to tanning using tannin extracted from plants."


In his Rental Box at Yushakobo, visitors can find leather palm rests for keyboaords.



Palm rests shown with an Iris kit (requires no soldering)



These palm rests come in a set of 2, with 4 sizes to choose from:

Standard (95mm x 50mm x 12-14mm thickness)

Low-Profile (95mm x 50mm x 6mm thickness)

Large (105mm x 70mm x 12-14mm thickness)

Large Low-Profile (105mm x 70mm x 6mm thickness)



Different sizes


They're not too soft nor too hard, and has a little bit of resilience. It will probably feel even better after they sink in a bit to match the shape of your hands.



Hand model: Inu


Each set is in a box, and each size is denoted by an animal, making it easier to identify than numbers. Unfortunately, "Frog" was not in stock when the photos were taken.





Stickers with animals


These are between 1,300 yen and 2,500 yen.


The leather becomes shinier when polished. For those who want to enhance the palm rests, why not give it a try?


Samples are available at the shop, so come give them a try!


Yushakobo, a DIY Keyboard Shop