Trackball Module Now Available

How is your keyboard design coming along? This is Nine, the owner of Yushakobo.


In this hobby, we often hear about people wanting to add a pointing device to their keyboards. And some have actually done it!

Since I'm very interseted in it, and we've received a lot of feedback about it, we have been thinking about adding sensors or modules to our list of keyboard accessories.

Recently we heard that Bit Trade One is thinking about carrying trackball modules, so we contacted them about it. This is what is looks like:




It's about 17mm x 17mm x 10mm, and probably smaller than you think once you see the actual module. It's roughly the same size as an 1U key, and looks like you can do lots of interesting things with it.




Placed on top of the Helix



It uses a PAW3204 sensor, and here is the link to the datasheet:





We will be carrying this item soon.

(Price and starting date TBD)





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